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Biggar Family Tree
Deep Roots & Never Ending Branches

Norway ~ Sweden ~ Belgium

Scotland ~ 
United States ~ Canada ~ Australia ~ New Zealand ~ South Africa ~ Germany

Historical Facts
or Romanticized Fiction

The early history of the BIGGAR family is diverse and complex. Like so many other histories, competing theories of the Biggar history are difficult to decipher looking back almost a thousand years through more than 30 generations. However, by employing all we know about the secular and religious history of the period and adhering to certain physical and biological rules we can sort out some of the competing theories.

The process of how to trace your family history can be summarized in this one paragraph. You begin by simply questioning the elders of your family. All genealogical research must proceed from the known to the unknown. You will find yourself Collecting family records soon enough. Bibles, old letters, scrapbooks, diaries, photos, newspaper clippings, and legal documents are like fingerprints left behind by your relatives to help you solve the mysteries of your past.

In order to understand both the origins of and any changes which may have occurred in our family name, we must remember that an individual family is always part of a larger group-a tribe, a clan, a people. For most individuals, the most likely place to begin our understanding is in the histories of tribes and the people who proceed us.

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