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He hails from Ouray County and shot a man in a drunken spree

Bigger Has Served Twelve Years

on a Life Sentence For Murder

Andrew Bigger


Rocky Mountain News, 1/5/1895 Colorado


Governor Waite treated the board and a large crowd of spectators to several interesting exhibitions at the night session of the board of pardons.  The first outburst came from the executive when the chairman decided the vote on the conditional pardon of Andrew Bigger as not having carried.  The vote stood 4 to 3, but the rules require that all votes on second termers must be unanimous in order to prevail.  Governor Waite excitedly declared that he would pardon Bigger anyhow.

     Bigger has served twelve years on a life sentence for murder.  He hails from Ouray County and shot a man in a drunken spree, having served ninety days of a previous sentence for assault to kill.  His pardon was asked for by a big petition signed by a majority of the people of Ouray.  He has been serving as a librarian at the penitentiary and has a clean record at the institution.  The condition imposed is that he shall not indulge in strong drink.

Home in 1880: Rico, Ouray, Colorado, USA



Andrew BIGGER           Other        Male         W       29       IL      Bar Keeper               NY     NY 


Sarah M. BIGGERS       Self         Female     W       52      NY     Keeping House         RI      CT 

Joseph BIGGERS           Son     S       Male        W       20       IL      Farming                     NY     NY 

Francis BIGGERS          Son     S      Male         W       14       IL       At School                  NY     NY 

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