Descendants of William Biggar 
Scottish Descent 10 Generations


Scotland - USA - Virginia, Missouri, Kentucky  

Bigger(s), Woodward, Macon, Bibb.

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William Biggar & Martha Woodward

                                           Generation No. 1



1.  WILLIAM1 BIGGER was born 1650 in Scotland, and died abt.1680 in Virginia, USA.  He married MARTHA WOODWARD daughter of William Woodward Indian interpreter.  She was born 1657 in New Kent Co., Virginia, and died in 1727. She married second in 1681 to  Gideon Macon and had 7 children. She married third Nathaniel West.


More About WILLIAM BIGGER: Immigration: Abt. 1671, Scotland



  2.                i.    WILLIAM BIGGER II, b. January 28, 1679/80, New Kent Co., Virginia; d. October 1769, Virginia, USA.




                                         Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM BIGGER II (WILLIAM1) was born January 28, 1679/80 in New Kent Co., Virginia, and died October 1769 in Virginia, USA.  He married MARTHA MACON 1703 in Virginia. 



Christening: March 24, 1679/80, St . Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA

Will: August 18, 1752, Goochland Co., Virginia



  3.                I.      CAPTAIN JOHN BIGGER, b. 1720, Goochland, Virginia; d. 1782, Prince Edward County, Virginia.

  4.               ii.      SUSANNAH BIGGER, b. 1711, Goochland, Virginia Colony; d. December 22, 1786, Goochland, Virginia Colony.

  5.              iii.      WILLIAM III BIGGER, b. 1714, Goochland Co, Virginia; d. October 1784, Pennsylvania.

  6.               iv.     MARY BIGGER, b. Abt. 1718, Henrico, Virginia; d. August 1759.

                    v.      ELIZABETH BIGGER, b. 1708, Virginia; m. WHITEHEAD 

                   vi.      MARTHA BIGGER, m. RICHARD WOODFORK.

  7.              vii.      JAMES BIGGER, b. 1706.





                                             Generation No. 3


3.  CAPTAIN JOHN3 BIGGER (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born in 1723 in Goochland, in the Colony of Virginia, and died in 1782 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia.  He married (1) SUSANNAH ELIZABETH BIBB in Prince Edward Co., Virginia, daughter of JOHN BIBB and SUSANNAH BIGGER.  She was born in 1730 in Goochland, Virginia Colony, and died in 1787 in Norfolk, Virginia.  He married (2) ELIZABETH HAYNES CAREY.  She was born in 1725.


Children of JOHN BIGGER and SUSANNAH BIBB are:

8.                i.    JAMES BIBB4 BIGGER, b. Abt. 1748, Prince Edward County, Virginia; d. Halifax Co. Virginia.

9.               ii.    THOMAS BIGGER, b. Abt. 1749, Prince Edward County, Virginia.

                 iii.    JOSEPH BIGGER, b. Abt. 1751.

                 iv.    SARAH SALLY BIGGER, b. Abt. 1753; m. JOHN WATSON.

                  v.    SAMUEL BIGGER, b. Abt. 1754.

                 vi.    ANDREW BIGGER, b. Abt. 1755.

                vii.    MARY BIGGER, b. Abt. 1760, Virginia, USA; d. 1857, Kentucky; m. WILLIAM STEGER, April 02, 1803, Prince Edward,                                 Co; Virginia; b. Powhatan, Cumberland, Virginia; d. Montgomery, Tennessee.

10.          viii.    SUSANNAH BIGGER, b. Abt. 1764, Prince Edwards County, Virginia; d. January 1840, Oglethorpe Co, Georgia.

                 ix.    WILLIAM C. BIGGER, b. Abt. 1765.




11.             x.    JOHN JR4 BIGGER, b. 1743, Amelia, Virginia; d. 1814, Prince Edward Co., Virginia.

12.            xi.    JAMES BIGGER, b. 1745.

                xii.   ELIZABETH HAYNES CAREY BIGGER, b. 1746.



4.  SUSANNAH3 BIGGER (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born in 1725 in Goochland, Virginia Colony, and died December 22, 1786, in Goochland, Virginia Colony.  She married JOHN BIBB on January 03, 1734/35 in Goochland, Virginia, son of WILLIAM BIBB and NANCY CLARK.  He was born in 1710 in Goochland, Virginia, and died July 17, 1769.


Children of SUSANNAH BIGGER and JOHN BIBB are:

13.              i.    SUSANNAH ELIZABETH4 BIBB, b. 1730, Goochland, Virginia Colony; d. 1787, Norfolk, Virginia.

14.             ii.    CAPTAIN WILLIAM BIBB, b. October 01, 1735.

                 iii.    ELIZABETH BIBB, b. February 28, 1740/41; m. WILLIAM FARRAR, March 17, 1762; b. 1735.

                 iv.    JOHN BIBB, b. September 10, 1743.

                  v.    JAMES BIBB, b. December 28, 1745.

                 vi.    THOMAS BIBB, b. March 29, 1749.

                vii.    RICHARD BIBB, b. April 13, 1752.

15.          viii.    SUSANNA BIBB, b. 1738, Goochland, Virginia; d. 1787, Norfolk, Virginia.



5.  WILLIAM III3 BIGGER (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born in 1727 in Goochland Co, Virginia, and died October 1784 in Pennsylvania.  He married MARTHA POLLARD 1745, daughter of RICHARD POLLARD.  She was born in 1725 in New Kent Co, Virginia, and died in 1789.


More About WILLIAM III BIGGER:  Will: October 25, 1780, Louisa Co


Notes for MARTHA POLLARD:  she was designated as Martha Bigger, wife of William in her grandfather's will (Richard Helm)



16.              i.    WILLIAM IV4 BIGGER, b. 1746, Louisa Co., Virginia; d. December 19, 1812, Montgomery Co., Kentucky.

                  ii.    SUSANNA BIGGER, b. 1748, Louisa Co., Virginia; d. April 1772; m. URIAH TATE, January 1766.

17.             iii.    JOHN BIGGER, 4TH CORPORAL b. 1751.

18.            iv.     DAVID BIGGER, b. 1754, Louisa Co., Virginia; d. 1804, Louisa Co., Virginia.

19.             v.     MARY BIGGER, b. 1756.

20.            vi.    MACON BIGGER, b. 1758, Louisa, Virginia; d. September 17, 1811, Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky.

                vii.    MARTHA BIGGER, b. 1758.

               viii.    SARAH BIGGER, b. 1763; m. GEORGE MORRIS, September 11, 1783, Louisa, Virginia.

                 ix.    ELEANOR BIGGER, b. 1764; m. DAVID TERRY, January 14, 1786.

21.             x.     JAMES CHAMBERS BIGGERS, b. 1768, Louisa Co., Virginia; d. March 1817.



6.  MARY3 BIGGER (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born in 1728 in Henrico, Virginia, and died in August 1759.  She married JOHN WATSON.  He was born in 1678 in Aberdeen, Scotland, and died in April 1750.



22.              i.    SARAH BIGGAR4 WATSON, b. 1759.



7.  JAMES3 BIGGER (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born in 1735 in Goochland, Virginia, and died in 1802 in Hardwick, Sussex, New Jersey.  He married SUSANNA BIBB on May 19, 1762, daughter of JOHN BIBB and SUSANNAH BIGGER.  She was born in 1738 in Goochland, Virginia, and died in 1787 in Norfolk, Virginia.


Children of JAMES BIGGER and SUSANNA BIBB are:

                   i.    POLLY4 BIGGER, b. 1753, Virginia, British Colonial America.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH BIGGER, b. 1755, Virginia, British Colonial America.

                 iii.    EDWARD BIGGER, b. 1757, Virginia, British Colonial America.

                 iv.    WILLIAM BIGGER, b. 1758, Virginia, British Colonial America; d. 1810.

                  v.    JAMES CLARK BIGGER, b. April 30, 1759, St. Anne's Parish, Essex, Virginia, British Colonial America; d. June 06, 1810, Fayette,                                     Kentucky.

                 vi.    JOHN BIGGER, b. 1760, Virginia, British Colonial America.


                       More About JOHN BIGGER:   Baptism: June 13, 1768, St. James Northam Parish