Good Ship Unicorne of Belfast

26" day of December 1662

Belfast, Irland

Know all men by these p'sents that I John Chrichton marcht in Belfast doe by vertue of one Comission to me granted by Mr. John Hudson, marcht owner of ye Unicorne of Wirewatter sell and dispose unto William Smith William Thombe Hugh Eccles and Michaell Biggar marcht in ye afforesaid Corporacon all and wholy the affores' Shipp with tackell furniture and other necessaryes conform to an Invoyce produced and doth oblige myselfe my heires Executors and Ass” to warrant and harmlesse keep the foresaid Buyers free from all taxes claimes rights or titles or any other trouble whatsoever that any person or persons may alledge after the delivery of the said ship and further obleidge myselfe as afforesaid to make delivery of her at or before ye first day of november next ensueing the date hereof inconveeniencie of wind and weather and all hassards whatsoever being exceipted, for wº" Ship the afforesaid marchants doth oblige themselves joyntly and scverally their heires execut” or Ass: to thankfully pay or cause to be paid unto John Hudson and partners their heires execut” or Ass: ye full and just sume of six hundreth and eighteen pounds sterling currant money of England at two severall paym” it is to say the one moyetye thereof at or before yº first day of March next ensueing the date hereof the other halfe or moyetye at or before ye first day of July next following wº" will be in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred and sixty three yeares to which promisses both parties hath Inter changeably sett their hands and seales this second of October Anno Dom 1662.


Witnesse pºſsent

William Smith 

John Stewart

William Thom

James Biggar

Hugh Eccles

Michaell Biggar

John Creichton


Enrolled and examined according to the originall per Rob' Leathes this 24th of Octſ 1662 R.L. By the Soveraigne of the Borrough of Bellfast and one of His Maj" Justices of the Peace for y” County of Antrim These are to certifie all whom it may concerne that the Bearer hereof John Creichton marcht and part owner of ye good ship called the Unicorne of Belfast afforesaid is a free Dennisson of this Kingdom of Ireland borne in ye County of Tyrone and is an Inhabitant and free comoner and Marchant of the Staple of the Borrough of Belfast afforesaid all wºº


I certifie as witnesse my hand and seale of ye said Corporacon this 26th of December 1662.

 Enrolled and Ex: George M’Cartney per Rob Leathes Soveraigne