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My Biggar line immigrated to Prince Edward Island, Canada From Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland In 1831 and 1832.  John Biggar and Mary Rogerson of Lairdholm.  

I always had an interest in family history, even when I was too young to understand what it was. I was fascinated by the history of my surname and wondered who the first people were who bore it, I loved looking at old family photos and asking questions about the people in them, and I asked older relatives to tell me stories about their childhoods. Especially my Grandfather Clifford Biggar (born Prince Edward Island Canada). But, this was a childhood curiosity of my own, and I had no idea I should be writing down the things that were told to me or asking more detailed directed questions.

Image by Joyce McCown

Now here I am almost 30 years later diving into historic books and memoirs, copy and recopying records, following the clues in ancient wills,  following families through census records,  filling in the gaps, and mending branches.



Connecting the dots. One Big Family

The Witch Project

Major John Biggar of Woolmet 

Our Forgotten Women 

Reuniting our women, completeing the family tree.

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